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Welcome to ARETE Educational and Event Services

Arete (ah-ray-tay) is Greek for “excellent.” But Arete means more than the best or the top. In Ancient Greek thinking Arete meant “completeness”, “well put together”, “nicely balanced”, or “maximizing one’s potential.” That is the goal of Arete Educational and Conference Services. Personal service is our motto. We believe that working face-to-face with our clients is the surest way to achieve quality.

Our team wants to do the best for our clients and we want our clients to achieve the best they can.

Our company is made up of two parts. One part, Arete Educational Services, focuses on students. We prepare students to take an SAT or help them to improve their math skills. Another part, Arete Events Services, is for everyone, ‘big’ and ‘small’. We organize large events such as conferences or small events such as children’s birthday parties.

icon-planningCore Subject Academic Tutoring
Arete offers individual tutoring for elementary, high school, and college students. The subjects covered are math, science, English, history, and social studies.

icon-preparationSAT/ACT/GED/GRE Preparation
Arete prepares students for college and graduate school. There are classes for students taking college and graduate school entrance exams.

icon-tutoringEvent Management Services
Arete can plan and organize a wide range of events: weekend retreats, academic conferences, birthday parties, weddings, college tours, or a vacation of a lifetime.
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