“Melanie comes very highly recommended from our household. She has been with our family for many years now tutoring 3 of the kids. Her patience, knowledge and ability to explain the concepts is excellent. She builds a trust with the kids and has a great rapport with them as well! Melanie has even gone to the school and met with teachers when there have been issues – that is above and beyond what is expected. Know your kids are in great hands when tutoring with Melanie.”

-Julie Sullivan
Parent of Current Student and Former Students

“If I had had access to a class like this [Surviving Your Freshman Year], I know it would have helped me immensely. In my first semester I just picked random classes, a random dorm, and didn’t plan out a schedule at all. It turned out to be disastrous. If I had a class like this, especially taught by Melanie, I know my navigation through my freshman year of college would have been way easier in every way. Melanie has always been very helpful to me as a tutor, and I envy those who will receive her help starting college as well.”

-Anya Bekins
Chico State – Former Student

“Melanie definitely made me stay focused through high school. Melanie helped not only when I didn’t understand my work, but also when I was too stressed to get anything done. I actually looked forward to getting tutored by her because she always gave me great advice on everything.”

-Bobby Lindee
University of Colorado Boulder – Former Student